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Let me start this riot by first saying, back country fees are like dessert some will eat pie with ice cream others think it's a waste to ruin pie like that, there is no pat answer as far as I can tell. What I am in favor of is bringing Cades Cove into modern times by stopping the senseless carbon monoxide auto circus that slowly grinds it's way thru the cove choking everything in it's path. I do not think the powers that were in place at that time could possibly have forseen the the number or size of vehicles that would eventually arrive. My greatest joy is hanging a left into Tremont and waving goodbye to the throng assualting the cove or watching them leave in November. I am strongly in favor of a solar or electric vehicle (i.e. bus or tram) that deposits the masses at the usual stops, the mill, trailheads, the campground and also enables bicycle riders access without the usual danger that the normal heavy traffic brings when they descend on the cove especially week ends. I would entertain any idea and yes charge them for the ride and access. I also want world peace and a large catch of brookies everytime I fish!
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