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That video is great, isn't it? Posted it to FaceBook a few weeks ago. I've been following this issue for some time. Jim has spoken out against it many times. Johnny Molloy has as well. I think every country surrounding the park has passed resolutions against it. The park superintendent does not care. He has fee envy for the very few other parks that have enacted this. He has admitted to seeking new revenue sources from "the park that should remain free".

FOI requests were require to obtain the survey results - the park said they would for 2 grand. I haven't heard if they were obtained or not but would love to see a for/against count alone since the park claimed most responders were in favor of it. Most were against (park lie) even with the (park lie) that it would fund additional rangers.

SFW has detailed folks getting awakened by Rangers at 7AM "SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS!" The park is understaffed as it is; do we really need the Rangers spending time following up on reservation compliance? I can tell you with experience that a ranger woke me at 8 asking for my papers. I know several of the Rangers by name, but can't remember this one's because I was not 1/4 awake as I walked barefoot in my long johns to retrieve my permit. I really wanted to ask him if this was the best use of his time; but decide that he probably isn't too pleased having to do this either. The rangers might have to do this early in order to compensate for their other duties. DB DD holds all the blame IMHO.

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Hope it's ok to post this link. These folks have done a lot of research and pose some very reasonable questions about and objections to the recent implementation of fees for camping in the Backcountry. There have been many that have been misinformed and misled, but this site present facts that have been seriously researched, facts that are based upon evidence available to back them. Please check out the video link on the main page...


PS: Greetings to the staff at LRO, hoping to get up your way in the next month or so for a visit...been far too long since my last visit a couple of years ago.
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