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I'm in agreement with ChemEAngler when it comes to any large wild animal, no matter how tame they may seem. I've been to the Tetons and Yellowstone many times and never approach too closely to a large critter such as a moose, elk, buffalo, or bear. The animals are too unpredictable , especially during the rut. I've included a pic of a Cataloochee bull that about put his head in my window without my encouraging him..during his approach from at least 100 yds away, there wasn't anyone within 50yds of where we were pulled off the road. When I took the pic, there were several dozen people with cameras crowded in close ..I just knew someone named Moe Ron would set that bull off and he would commence to trash my car. I was thinking how I could convince my insurance man how it got destroyed.
Another incident occurred this past July when I was fishing in the Gros Ventre and had to retreat quickly due to my being approached by a moose cow with her calf..The pic shows
them about to get in the water, but I wasn't about to let them get any closer. A hunting guide friend of mine who lives there told me a long time ago that a momma moose was more dangerous and aggressive than a female grizzly. My rule of thumb is to keep my distance .

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