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While this is one of the prettiest falls on this section of stream, these three big boys were having none of it and flanked far left.

We came out at 3 pools. Nathan took the top, Freddie took the middle, and I took the bottom. I caught 2 and saw another small pool just downstream. I cast downstream but couldn't get proper drift and started to climb down to fish it proper. Then I thought what if I slipped. Headed up to see how Nathan and Freddie were doing.

Freddie was tearing it up

I wasn't doing too bad myself

This one was much darker than picture would let you believe.

And here is the best reason to fish a dry/dropper combo

Here Nathan finishes up after landing 4 from this pool

Freddie was convinced that there were more to be had

Granite is as slippery as it is pretty

I was going to describe this next picture but no words needed

Day going great for everyone at this point
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