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Apparently you have to say 3 hail Mary's if you ever decide to run this in a kayak. Heard of Class 5. This is 5.3! While other drops may be more visually impressive, it blows my mind (By someone who actively paddles whitewater) that this gets run.

And the view from the top. In my head I hear a hardcore kayaker say, "Just go straight down the middle, but don't hit the rock"

Back to fishing

And I also got the first place trophy of the day

Here is Nathan fishing a sweet pool

Unfortunately this is probably the last shot of Nathan and his fishing rod

Razorback - AKA Nathan's Nemesis

On Nathan's first trip here he had a real close call right above a drop where one must do a sketchy move to get on the right side of the river to go upstream. He slipped and fell and luckily stopped on a small rock above a real nasty drop that wouldn't have ended well. He dropped his rod when that happened and as it floated downstream it got hung up on a strainer for just enough time to allow me to recover the rod. This time the water was much higher so that leap of faith was out so we opted for sketchy move B (No good choices). On the way to that spot you had to slide down a rock ledge to cross and somehow Nathan dropped his rod He watched it drop and even 2 times the top surfaced for a split second. I quickly put myself out to capture position after the first time, but luck wasn't on our side. Nathan even fished a big branch several times to try and get it and I tried time and time again with my rod. It was over 10 feet deep with good current in outflow and razorback below that so swimming for something you couldn't even see didn't look to be a good option. No rain till next weekend and a snorkel trip might be a slim shot but unfortunately it's most likely gone.

Nathan played the good sport and told Freddie and I to keep fishing but we were pretty close to our last out and only fished a couple more pools

I stepped over a rock to get to the next pool and didn't even notice this fellow till after I stepped right over him. He just laid there still.

And while I try to not get too bothered with snakes and such, it is a bit unnerving to see this right before to are about to climb up the mountain through piles of rocks. Lets just say I was REALLY looking

And we even saw some Purdy flowas on the hike out

Great Day minus the rod casualty. And Mac my buddy loved your gift. Sorry we couldn't make it happen last week
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