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David, Thanks for sharing the pics. I did manage to do a little exploring around Boulder this morning, although most places I wanted to get to were closed. It was quite surreal watching the chinook helicopters fly overhead making evac rounds today. The weather was so deceptive today too, absolutely beautiful without a cloud in the sky. However, knowing that only a few miles away from my hotel people are suffering through complete devastation. I had a guy in Boulder today tell me that there are reports of at least 60 bridges that are gone. Not just damaged or flooded, but literally GONE! I just can't comprehend that level of destruction. Considering only 6 were killed, that is a miracle. I am disappointed that it has put a significant hindrance to our fishing excursions this week, but compared to the devastation that numerous families are going through it isn't even in the ballpark. I will be back out here in a few weeks, and maybe then I can fish somewhere in the Front Range.

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