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Originally Posted by Bran View Post
Matt, if eight's company, would 9 be a crowd?
Breck, I also have Jim's book but was wanting some more info the
other day and wanted to check in and see how he was doing. I went to
his website and used the email contact link there, he replied to me
within a couple of days. I'm sure he would give you some more specific
advice if you ask.
Hey Bran, with the "SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS" rangers out and about waking hikers up before 8; I don't think we'll want to be hiding a 9th member while looking for our permits and nursing a hangover. A Nature's Coffee Kettle and enough refills for 6 gallons of coffee will be packed for the aforementioned hangovers.

Depending on our route some of the sites will hold 10 (I'm leaning towards Clingman's->Forney Ridge->Noland). The excursion will consist of 7 micks and a kraut so ye olde Irish is the menu.
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