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Originally Posted by Rockyraccoon View Post

Over the last few weeks I've noticed more and more stripers moving up higher and higher on the Clinch River than ever before. Over the years I've seen some large schools here and there but all of a sudden I'm seeing small trout death squads moving and killing trout...

...On Monday, it was like watching trout rise. As we drifted down river we watched stripers rolling and thrashing everywhere. Just like trout rising to a hatch.
About two weeks ago, we saw the same kind of activity between Peach Orchard and the bridge. We were catching a few rainbows, including a couple of nice fish, on wooly buggers and BPHTs, but we were also surprised at how many “wolf packs” of 3 or more stripers we saw cruising in very shallow water. A few minutes after having a group of three large fish come within oar’s length of the boat before spooking, I caught a 12’ stocker, which we decided was the perfect size for striper bait. We rigged it on a bait caster with a balloon and let it swim down stream. Soon after, we saw the group of three heading in the direction of the bait.

After a few more minutes, the balloon started moving around nervously. The little trout went airborne trying to escape, but was followed by a huge wake. The fight was on. About 15 or 20 minutes later, I finally brought this 40 lb., 44 inch monster to the boat.

Who knew that saving the lives of trout (expect the one used as bait, of course) would be so much fun?
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