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In all seriousness, I'm going to assume that the Smokies aren't terribly different from PA, and judging from the info I got in prepping for my October trip from you guys ('you guys' is Yank for 'y'all'), it really isn't too different. I fish October Caddis a lot in late Sept/October. It's basically an EHC, size 14-10, tied w/ an orange body. I've been told this will work well! Big terrestials as well, and since the orange caddis works, you probably won't go wrong with orange stimies!

In the Fall I usually fish w/ a dropper too. That may be different from down there. Here, on our limestoners I drop and olive or tan scud, size 14-16, or a golden stonefly size 14-16. I've also had some success w/ a PT nymph, but that's a year round staple, I believe.

In another thread, we talked about messing around w/ orange soft hackles. I plan on giving that a try. I like soft hackles and like to trail them off dries more than I like to trail nymphs. From what I understand, the October Caddis as an actual hatch is more of a sub surface game than a top water fly.
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