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Hey Redfish62 32 is nice not for fishing though. Injun creek is real small by the campsite. It is fishable lower down by the ranger station maybe. You could always hit the middle prong of the little pigeon on your way in or out as you will be right there at it. I have stayed at 32 a couple of times. The steam engine is on the Grapeyard ridge trail. There are 2 ways to get to 32 one is to hike the Grapeyard ridge trail the other is to take the Injun Creek manway up from the Greenbrier ranger station. The manway is well marked and starts right next to the ranger station. That way in is a bit shorter with more to see (old homesites spring house, etc) in my opinion. CS 32 is right at the end of the manway where the Grapeyard ridge trail starts. To get to the steam engine go left on the Grapeyard ridge trail and walk about quarter to half a mile where there is a wet crossing of Injun Creek. That is where the steam engine lies. Here is a blog I wrote where I did this trip a few years ago:
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