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Originally Posted by AL trout bum View Post
I was planning on some larger beadhead stonefly nymphs. You think I can get away with 5X? I've only used 6X in the smokies for brookies, so brown trout fishing there is a whole new ballgame to me. I know a few places to try on Bradley Fork, then in cataloochee I am just going to go trial by error.
I fished 4x but 5x will be ok as long as you don't hook a wall hanger. Just remember the browns are throwing a little caution to the wind with the spawn coming up. So use what you can get away with. If you hook a good one you'll be glad. I've landed big fish on 5x and smaller tippet but why chance it. With larger nymphs it'll take a larger tippet to drive the hook home.

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