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Originally Posted by ChemEAngler View Post
So, did you sleep in the back of the Suburban the whole week?
Not quite. I got a hotel room just long enough to butcher an antelope in the bathroom.

Originally Posted by ChemEAngler View Post
Also, I didn't see any damage to the vehicle anywhere...
$1.59 in sheet metal screws will work wonders.

Originally Posted by ChemEAngler View Post
I know you were originally cursing the security process taking your gun, was the return any smoother?
TSA at the checked baggage was not problem on the way home. However, TSA entering the secured section was another story. I had my carry-on over-packed due to stuffing an entire frozen antelope in my checked bagged. TSA said they noticed a bullet or knife in my carry-on. Pulled me aside and hand searched my carry-on. Couldn't find anything. Sent it back through the x-ray and asked to me explain what the dark spot was. It was my camping salt and pepper shaker, I could even see the individual pepper flakes. I told them that. They said that there's no way the x-ray would pick that up. Pulled me aside and tore through it all again. They them sent it all back through, item by item. Then came back and said I was fine. Never did say what it was. Asked if I wanted them to reload the pack, or if I wanted to do it myself. I did it.

I really can't complain about it though. They are just doing their job at protecting us.

I'm not sure why they singled me out, I'd even had a shower that morning. Next year, I'm going to show up at the airport after spending 10 days on a mountain without showering. I'm sure they'll rush me on through.
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