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Default WWW Southern Trout Fly Fishing Fair

February 1st, 2014 is the first Wilderness Wildlife Week/Southern Trout Fly Fishing will be held at the LeConte Center, Pigeon Forge. It's our first attempt at such an event, so I am fonfident it will fall short of always spectactular Troutfest events. However, it is a start, and the venue is indoors and the place is incredibly nice. The LeConte Center is a $47million structure. It is the 24th WWW (started by Ken Jenkins, son of fly tyer/photographer Kirk Jenkins). The WWW are really behind this thing, so you will see it promoted a lot of places. We have day long programs focused on fly fishing for trout in ET and tyers coming in from NC, SC, GA, VA and TN.

WWW draws about 30,000 people. The event is free. I would love to partner up with some sort of fund raiser for Casting For Recovery or some other veteran's assistance organizations. Anyone with ideas on this, please email. The next issue of Southern Trout that comes out next week (Oct. 1st) has a two page spread ad with a speaker/program list. Frankly the ad looks pretty good. Oh yeah, there is no admission charge. Just one of those deals where you come and have fun like Troutfest always was.
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