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It is Doug's go pro. It is one of the earliest models but I don't know which one. We had to pull over the truck after watching that judee chop video. It kept us going through the saturday rain. I hope you have a great trip. I assume you can still go even with all the antics in in our capitol. BTW, be careful of the yellow jackets in their stream side ground nests. I stood on one for a couple of seconds and got stung 4 times. dropped my rod and fell in the creek trying to escape. Good thing I am not allergic.

I seem to get pretty lucky on Hazel but I'd be glad to show you where that fish lives. It isn't too hard to figure out if you read between the lines. I was suprised it was a rainbow though. We talked about heading down one more time (probably to Little River) before it gets too cold. Maybe November. If I can get away I will let you know.
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