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Doesn't it really seem like a lot of overkill? Like those that are not getting their way up top are calling down and saying shut everything down, make everyone feel the hit so there will be a big outcry?
I mean barricade the pull offs on the NF Gap road? Come on, what does it cost the gubberment a cent for a few folks to pull over while this is going on? What does it cost for me to launch my own boat at an open COE boat ramp here at home? (The answer to that is $4, which is the fee I have to leave in the dropbox every time I launch, i.e., they MAKE money).
Sorry, just venting!! I'm sick of this "I, ME, MY" admin in charge up top! It's OUR land, OUR park, OUR rivers. Some of us (albeit a minority) still work hard for these things and pay a heck of a lot of taxes to have them! Do you reckon they will prorate a refund on your taxes for the time you missed in the park this year? Right!
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