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Above is Nathan pointing out the half dozen large fish at the bottom of the pool that won't come up to even give a fly a close inspection.

Lots of climbing

A beautiful scene with Nathan's Razorback in the backround

And the intended species

We thought we saw the grade above and thought it would be easier to use it to get around razorback. Unfortunately what looked like the grade from below turned out to not be the grade which was higher up the hill.

You know you are close to the grade when old parts start showing up. I'm guessing this was for some hose on a train?

We reached the grade soon enough, and debated whether to drop back in just to drop back up again in a little more than a 1/10 of a mile. We opted for the easy road and headed back to the car. On the hike out we reached what was probably a turn around for the train and found some old coal

When we got back to Adam's truck, Nathan pulled a spider off him

I hope this isn't the rehab the Trails Forever crew is working on

Until next time
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