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Default My first "Game Changer" shad pattern.

Tied this one last night after recieving all of my material while we were away camping this past weekend. Got home to some nice little bubble envelopes full of goodies. I used a Hareline Baitfish Emulator Flash for the body because I couldn't find some of the recommended material online last week. It worked pretty well, at least I was pleased. I could probably use a bigger eye, these are 1/4 inch pearl flash. I tied in a straight flashabou tail which didn't fan like I wanted it to, but, still gives a nice eye catching flash. Colored it up to resemble the local Striper favorite, the Alewife. All in all it took me about 2.5 + hours but I enjoyed tying it, think I'll experiment some more but I've got to order some more body materials, this thing really takes up the supplies!! It's around 5 inches long. I used a B10S Stinger that I got at LRO last year.

And one pic of the camping dog, happy as a lark to be out chasing the tame squirrels this weekend!
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