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Hi All,

Rangers at the Townsend entrance are letting people walk into the Park. Yesterday, we had a beginner fly fishing class and they were allowed in. Doug and I drove up to the entrance and talked to a couple of Rangers a few minutes ago. They said it is OK to walk in but be aware, you are on your own. Don't get hurt!

I asked about bicycles. They are not letting them in at the entrances where Rangers are on duty. If you entered somewhere else on a bicycle, I don't know what to expect.

So, you can walk into the Park and fish. While we were there several people walked by and proceeded up Little River.

These guys and gals are very sympathetic to all of us as I am feeling the same about them. They are doing their job and talking to a lot of people all day long. I'm sure they are getting grief too from some people.

There is quite a bit of space to Park at the Townsend entrance. There might have been 10 vehicles there when we pulled in. We didn't have a problem finding a place to park.

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