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"When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can count on Paul's vote"

There is a pipeline from both my paycheck and what remains in my wallet to support such programs, the politicians who promise to implement them, and its recipients.

Lauxier, food stamps are now on "debit cards" so that recipients won't be embarrassed when "paying" for their groceries. I found some old food stamps in a drawer when I was a young child. When I asked about them my Mom told me something to the effect they were from a grocery store promotion and but we didn't need to use them, then threw them away. She stopped using them as soon as she was able to as evident by the stamps that were left in that drawer. As an adult I realize how embarrassed she was that I had found them.

A record 15% of the American population is now on food stamps; I like to believe some of them are still embarrassed and trying to change that.
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