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Originally Posted by 2weightfavorite View Post
yes, lets do on the forum as we do everywhere else. Not discuss it and wonder why it gets worse...
Double AMEN!

This issue is directly affecting our fishing. Football commentary inevitably manages to bring in the surface of the field. Track events discuss the rubber compound on the surface run apon. We can discuss why the $#^& the land that the people own and the water we fish is inaccessible due to a 13% reduction in Federal spending; just as we discuss why the park's overlord has managed to implement a backpacker tax. I can't comprehend why our government cutting off access to our waters with great malfeasance is inappropriate to discuss; whereas discussing the tyrannical superintendent overseeing the park is not.

Both can be viewed political; but both issues can also be discussed without taking partisan 'sides'. I commented on the issues facing our great nation due to the mismanagement of the government as a whole. Additionally, the tragedy of the commons is evident in the shifting of values in just the last 40 years. Overspending and increasing the deficit have continued regardless of which side owns the legislative or executive branch.

Our elected officials (both 'sides') are currently remotely playing chicken with cars that we the people are riding in. There is not a side when the country is suffering at the expense of a parliament of whores (both sides) and an executive instructing to, "make things as painful as possible" in order to win.

How did we get here, and what can the people do to change it?

"It is our pride that in our country men are free to differ with each other and with their Government and to follow their own thoughts and express them. We believe that the only whole man is a free man. We believe that, in the' face of danger, the old spirit of the frontiersmen that is in our blood will give us the courage and unity that we must have. We need that spirit in this hour. We need a conviction, felt deep in us all, that there are no divisions among us. We are all members of the same body. We are all Americans.

The winds that blow through the wide sky in these mountains, the winds that sweep from Canada to Mexico, from the Pacific to the Atlantic—have always blown on free men. We are free today. If we join together now— men and women and children -to face the common menace as a united people, we shall be free tomorrow.

So, to the free people of America, I dedicate this Park."
-Excerpt from Address at Dedication of Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Franklin D. Roosevelt

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