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I would suggest #17. It is a nice site at the border of the Smallmouth water and the trout water on Abrams. In May Abrams is belly deep near the campsite; go SW and you continue to Smallmouth predominant water. Go NE and you hit water that is colder and shallower. It is a very short walk to the little shoe, and close enough that you can do the big shoe and still be back to the campsite by dark. I'd recommend not fishing either shoe alone; if you fish either shoe just once you will be glad to have a friend along the fist time you lose your footing - that will be reinforced throughout the day -- spikes or not..

#15 is a considerably longer hike, but lands you on a feeder (Rabbit Creek) to Abrams. 17 allows for easy access to the confluence of Abrams and Rabbit with a shorter hike.

#11 appears to me to be in the Little River watershed. As a result I believe it won't have the wonderful limestone creek aspect that moderates the acidic PH caused by the Anakeesta formation. The fishing is still likely good at #11; but Abrams has the most fishies (~5000 per mile) because of that limestone.

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