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Originally Posted by buzzmcmanus View Post
Later guys..... I don't come here to get P.O.ed about politics. I come here to relax; read and learn about fishing and the outdoors. If there is an issue that I feel is directly related to the Park, I'm concerned, but not about politics in general.

You all have a good fall. I'll check back in a couple months.
Love your posts Buzz, looking forward to your return.

I can't reserve a campsite for my trip down next month. I'm very worried a trip that I have been looking forward to and planning for months is going to be ruined by Washington politicians. This does directly affect the park for me.

Perhaps locals, like you are able to access / are allowed in at the gates by disgusted rangers. I understand why you feel it does not directly affect the park. If you get turned away you've lost 30 minutes at worst.

If this is not resolved soon, I won't be driving down from Ohio for a chance I might be allowed in; neither will the 7 family members who are driving and flying in from around the country to join me. None of us will be visiting Byron and Paula's fine store, or any of the restaurants in Townsend that struggle to stay in business as it is. October "leaf watchers" will not bring big dollars to the area for a few weeks in October which allow businesses to stay in the black. Perhaps when your favorite spot to eat before or after fishing ends up being the next Back Porch Restaurant you will understand the impact.

- Matt -

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