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I was looking at some of the photos of fish that I have caught and saw this one from a couple of seasons ago, the memory of this fish made me chuckle; perhaps the story will do the same for you. On this particular trip I was fishing with my wife and it was only her second time out with a fly-rod. Right at dusk, I had a nice hook-up and lost the battle not too long into the fight when the fish broke me off. Seeing this fish snap my bug off, my wife became concerned about the fish having my fly hooked in its lip; I assured her the fish would be just fine. The next morning my wife and I returned to the same pool we were fishing the evening before. On my second cast, I am on a nice fish and when all said and done, I was landing a healthy 16 rainbow. As I got the fish in hand and went to remove my bug hooked in his lower lip, I noticed in his top lip was the same caddis pattern I have been using, this just happened to be the same fish that broke me off the evening before! The quality of the photo is not great, I took it with it was my old trusty cell phone before I had graduated to an iPhone, but you can see both caddis nymphs hooked on the mouth of this fish.

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