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Default TVA Veteran's Day camping offer for active vets

Just saw this on the TVA webpage (link below) for the upcoming Veterans Day weekend Nov 8-10 2013 for active vets. I just spoke with the Knoxville TVA by phone to see if info was current and they confirmed it was. Nice touch with all that's going on in the world, tip of the hat to TVA!

See their link (look at the bottom of their webpage) for complete info or contact numbers:

Tents for Troops

TVA's Veteran's Day weekend experience "Tents for Troops" is a very small way for TVA to say "thank you" for the hard work and sacrifices men and women in the military make.
TVA's seven campgrounds are offering free camping for active military and members of their immediate family. Active military will be required to present active military ID at the time of check-in.
The offer is valid for a 2 or 3 day stay during Veteran's Day weekend Friday, November 8th, Saturday, November 9th, or Sunday, November 10th at TVA campgrounds.
To make use of TVA's Tents for Troops, you must provide proof of active military service, and then you are good for your stay!
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