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Default Even more......

I could swear the leaves were changing colors as I fished.

I only took 1 fly box with me today. People wonder why I like to elk hunt as much as I do. Well, there's half an elk in just that fly box. Saves me money.

And, all fish were caught on the usual suspects.

Even this guy. He put up the biggest fight of the day, but was the most "stocker" looking fish I caught all day. His front fins are worn to the nubs from the concrete run.

Biggest fish of the day. He hit my fly just as I was lifting them out of the water. He then swam and took up a lie between my legs. I literally drifted my next cast between my legs and he took the dropper. This was a first or me.

BHPT right in the upper lip.

Lucky hat helped me get through the day.
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