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I don't have any actual evidence to support this, but it seems that around the full moon, especially on nights with clear skies, the fishing reports from anglers aren't very good. I suspect that they are feeding at night.
Especially since overnight temperatures are going to be so cold this weekend, I would sleep in and hit the rivers in the afternoon.

Daniel, I think you are on target, one of the reasons I asked the question was a fishing buddy I hit the NC waters with noticed the days I hit numbers or big ones there seems to be a pattern with particular moon phases. I hit Elkmont yesterday from 1:30 to 3:30 afternoon. Their were lots of leaf peepers and hikers, but not that many fly guys. The leaves are the perfect color at that elevation, with lots of them in the water making casting sometimes tuff but a beautiful fall day. Have a few shots of fish and Elkmont will post tomorrow, gonna hit the tailwater today, I hope everyone gets a chance to get out whether fishing or just enjoying our Smoky Mtn fall!
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