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Strainer Falls - Not much for a fisherman to step over, but a solid Class 5 rapid for a Foamie Boater.

Duckpaddler with the Usual Suspects

Leaves for interesting eddy lines

After doing some videoing of the Foamies in action we decided to head back to the trailhead. Had to check out the Elk on the way out.

This young male decided to come out into the field to check out a cow.

Which definitely got this guys attention who was very greedy and wasn't into sharing.

A crotch sniff or two later even got the big guy to bugle at the young buck

We headed out the gravel road taking the long way out but avoiding Cove Creek, and the Pigeon Gorge

Even a bit of a rainbow in the sky

Had some interesting sights on the road out. Got to see bikers (like what Mr. Troutman rides), people walking horses, hunters (only place beside the reservation where I see a conscious lack of enforcement), school buses (At 5:40), and even a hippie at the trailhead to 38 who Serenaded the wife and I with a fiddle tune as we passed

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