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Day two I was on my home. I had to make a quick trip to Little River Outfitters to get some supplies before I could hit the water. I should have ordered ahead of time, it's always great to stop by the shop but the the leaf peepers caused the trip there and back to be much longer! After loading up on new supplies, I decided I would head up to higher elevations to try and find some brook trout. I pulled off up past the Chimney Tops and started hopping rocks in the WPLPR. Armed with the knowledge Josh showed the day before and some fresh flies from LRO, I was getting strikes in the first run. In the second pool I caught a small rainbow and continued plucking small rainbows from each little pool or riffle. I had many spectators but seemed to miss the questions many of you talk about getting. I continued working up the river coming to this nice stretch of water.

My first cast to the right side of the riffle brought to hand my first brook trout.

After releasing that fish, I placed my next cast at the head of the left side.

Back to back casts yielded my two best fish of that little stretch. I made several more casts but couldn't get any more takers. I then decided to hop out and head back down to try and complete the slam. I drove back down and stopped at Elkmont again. I was having trouble with my drifts on Friday though. I was using a much shorter rod and the river seemed to flowing a little faster than the day before. I didn't think it rained that much the day before, so I think my shorter rod was the bigger problem. I caught one small rainbow in a long stretch before giving up. I left Elkmont and drove back and hopped in a nice looking stretch off the main road. I fished hard for another hour and half but just managed to spook several fish. I might have had one rise but wasn't able to bring any more fish to hand.

I couldn't manage the slam but I had a great day on my own. I gained a lot more confidence in my my casting and learned a lot from Josh on reading water. Unfortunately, I also fell in love with trout and fishing in the park. Looks like I'm going to have to plan for some long weekends next year to get my fix. Thanks for the help all who responded to my earlier threads, to Josh for the great day in the park, and for LRO for great service on Friday.
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