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Originally Posted by Streamhound View Post
I am well west of you in Bowling Green and spend most time on bluegills. There are a couple of trout stocked streams this way Allen Co-Petroleum and another over at Simpson Co.

Have you been to Lake Cumberland tailwaters? I wade so I have not found anything too useful for me but it great for those with boats.

Also there is a stream up at Ft. Knox just outside the base that might be good to try. Derby City Fly Fishers have info on their page.

If you guys come to the quasi-west section of the state let me know
Streamhound, that is Otter Creek in Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area. I work for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Widlife Resources at Otter Creek. Quality catch and release stream (Oct. 1-March 31) for trout and a very underrated smallmouth stream. If any of you are ever up this way, let me know and we can fish.

Bigsur, if you are visiting family in Louisville you should definitely bring a rod and some waders. Otter Creek is not far from anywhere in Louisville.
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