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Originally Posted by 2weightfavorite View Post
winter is fantastic! I caught some of my best fish this year in January and February. I fished with another board member in January and it snowed like crazy. We kept expecting rangers to come and tell us they were closing the roads but they never did. We caught a ton of very nice bows that day. I do not believe in lowering my expectations. I do agree with not fishing very low elevation though. Pretty hard to beat from Metcalf on up for all seasons... I still fish the riffles and runs, and I avoid the big deep slow pools. Concentrate on active fish and active fish will be in faster water. Pretty hard to go wrong with a size 10 stonefly with a PT or copper john under it. I use size 6 shot, starting with 1 and will add however many I need until I get bites. Oh, and I would go with a strike indicator... Lets you get much longer drift and cover more water..
OK, so I'm lost on the bolded part. Do you mean a dry fly with a copper john under it? And you weight the copper john with some shot so it...goes deeper? Do you use a dry fly for a strike indicator?

How far beneath the strike indicator is your copper john? 1 foot? 2 feet?

Sorry, I'm still a novice and a lot of the jargon doesn't quite make sense to me.

Also, it would seem fishing the lower elevations would be more productive because the water is warmer? no?
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