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Originally Posted by JoeFred View Post
Just wondering if the rainbows might be moving further down the Little Pigeon toward the Greenbrier entrance during the reprieve from leaf lookers and rock chuckers. There are some nice cabins in Pittman Center across the road that may have vacancies for a change this time of year. I'm afraid I have exceeded my vacation budget ceiling for this year.
Once you get into the Pittman Center area (across 321 from the National Park), the river is stocked by Sevier County.

Cosby Creek is stocked as well, beginning immediately after it departs the national park. I have several cabins on Cosby Creek several miles downstream from the NP, and there are always plenty of nice stockers to catch.

The locals, however, fish Cosby Creek for food as much or more as for sport, so the areas that are public can get cleaned out pretty quickly.
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