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Default dogs

Probably had a dozen or so dogs---loved them all. Iíve had beagles, springers, mutts, st. bernards, scotties, sheep dogs, goldens, spitz, and some I don't even remember what they were. Out of them all, I've had two good ones; Chet and Olive. Chet with a chocolate lab I had for 11 years who was the best I had every had I got this little bitch lab, Olive. She sneakier than a gypsy, but minds intuitively.

Old timers say that if you are lucky, and I mean really, really lucky, in this life you get one good dog. From what I have seen, may be one dog in a hundred is a good dog, which in is a euphuism for a great dog. A good dog knows your soul, and you know its soul. Itís a relationship that transcends word.

I donít know the odds of it happening, but the odds of getting two good dogs must be astronomical. Once youíve mended, get you another pal. Joy will return.
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