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Originally Posted by Trico View Post
Madison Boats wrote about this fly a short time ago. Always being interested in new midge patterns I tied a couple up. I think it is always nice to know what others think when you give out a fly pattern. I have only got to fish them on my home waters which is a private section of a spring creek. This all being club waters. I have to say the fly did not work as good as I thought it would considering the fish feed mainly on midges. BUT.... today makes twice I have been out and could not get the fish to look at anything so I tied on a size 18 or 20 Jim E midge. In the first couple of casts I hooked and landed a 22 inch rainbow which probably went about 3.5 lbs. I was out the other day in the same section and once again nothing so I tried the Jim E midge. About the second cast I hooked a rainbow which I think would have went about 24 inches and close to 4 lbs. He jumped five times and the last jump was very close when I was trying to bring him to net and the fly pulled out. I'll be tying up a few more Jim E midges for my fly box.

It is a spectacular midge pattern and one that I put my father's name on. Trust me, it will treat you well most of the time. There are a few days when it is off. However; I believe that is related to conditional influences.

  • I have found that it is best to keep the gills sparse and be careful about putting in too much material.
  • Also, do not bulk up the thread behind the bead at the beginning to allow for the neer hair and whip finish later. This will keep the midge proportionate and allow you to hide the thread behind the bead when you whip finish.

Note; the smoke gray [neer hair] is one of the best materials for gills. I tie in a small piece and use a brown permanent marker to flick the ends of the cut fibers to give it a variegated look. Also, it works well to mix various pieces of neer hair to create gills.
*(pictured below, fourth-strand from the right-side)

Thanks for the feedback. Those are some nice fish sizes!
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