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Hey, I'm just trying to do my part... someone needs to pick up the torch and try to keep this S&S forum alive. I guess I now feel somewhat obligated... and I also get the chance to catch huge fish in the process.

Originally Posted by buzzmcmanus View Post
You look a little shellshocked in the pic with the big one.
Buzz, that is a very accurate description.. haha I believe I was!! This beast had my biceps burning by the time I got her in. She was easily 30lbs+ and even gave my 10wt. quite the workout!! Rough measurement was somewhere around 40".

Regarding the crowds: Folks, remember that this is around what is considered 'peak' salmon season, Columbus Day Weekend time. You are not going to be out there by yourself!! It is a fact of life and just part of the experience that is, salmon season on the Great Lakes.

Regarding gear: As I have mentioned before, a good strong 9wt.(or 10wt) a solid reel with a good drag, 12-15lb leaders, some weight and egg patterns #4-#8 is really all you need... of course backup rods and reels are almost always a must. Having a net always helps as well. Now this is of course for chasing larger salmon with normal water levels...

When strictly fishing for steelhead, I am now using a 10'8" switch rod that is the equivalent of a 6wt. A good 9'6"-10' 8wt. as a single-handed rod would be ideal and more than sufficient. I will admit that I'm a little bit under-gunned at the moment for fish that weigh up into the teens but c'est la vie... I'm just getting started. Leaders and tippet (fluoro) will be 6lb to 10lb, depending on water conditions. Fly assortment = whatever you can get them to hit!!

Tight Lines,

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