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Originally Posted by Stonefly View Post
Yes please. Work used to take me to Chicago and I regret never making it over to fish the small streams in Wisconsin.

For starters, how wide is the stream in your first shot?

I'll be happy to. Keep an eye out from time to time in the Trout Fishing in Other States and the Warmwater sections. I'll be putting up post of earlier fishing trips.
To answer your question Steve, the stream is about 6 feet wide where that picture was taken. There has been extensive stream rehabilitation done on that creek with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources putting in deflector logs, lunker structures etc. On some of the outside bends the stream is almost as deep as it is wide. These are the type of streams that I fish for brook trout in the upper midwest. As you can see there is quite a bit of difference between these streams and the streams of the Smokies. Forgot to mention too that that this particular creek where the picture was taken that wading up the middle of the creek you can touch both banks with your hands.
There can be some good fishing around the Chicago area. We have some good smallmouth streams, and there is some surprisingly good fishing in many subdivision retention ponds. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources stocks some of the local lakes and streams in spring and fall with catchable size rainbows. I've gotten pretty adept at catching those on the fly so that eases my trout fix a little bit. I have also discovered a few small streams with fishable populations of smallmouth bass and rock bass. I love fishing small streams.
More later.
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