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I have a canoe you can borrow, but also have an inflatable kayak that would be much better for the job. I live in Farragut in West Knoxville.

Cherokee is not a dam to mess around with the 10-15k (Ocoee at whitewater release is 1200-1400) they usually generate Glad you guys are ok

Freddie once had a 20 inch Rainbow hooked and 15 minutes later the water rose. I just netted the beast as the water was coming up. I was shocked at how fast the water rose there and I am more educated than most about swift water and knew it was coming

I hope you can find it, but with that much water there is no telling how far it has gone. If you get a canoe and find the rod but see it's too deep to get to, I will even offer to put on the drysuit and go swimming for you. Seems like the cold water could be bad for one's heart also so please don't kill yourself trying to get it.
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