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Originally Posted by bigsur View Post
Great pictures, don't lose that hat, that brown is a monster!
I'm on my second LRO brookie hat and both have brought some great luck. When this one gets worn out I'll be getting my third...

Great pictures and definitely fantastic fish. You're one lucky guy to get to live and fish in Colorado. Keep posting!!

Hal M
I'm definitely blessed to be able to spend time out here! I'll try to post some more trip reports soon.

Nice koke... I bet they're a blast on a 5wt! On the other hand, I bet that brown was a handful!!
Yeah, the kokanee was great and jumped all over the place. The brown took me for a ride. I really did not think I was going to land it. I lost a beast rainbow in that same spot a few years ago and started having flashbacks as soon as I hooked that brown. It was a great moment when the fish slipped into the net.
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