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Ok, I'll jump in on this, as far as what you asked above concerning Smoky fishing, my answer to those questions, is yes to all with the caveat of "It depends on the day, the water , the temp. Personally as far as flys go I just had this discussion with someone and I have come to the conclusion with my lack of skills I can take just four or five type of flys and get whatever fish is stupid enough to fall for my mess. I think a few each of these in diffrent sizes and I am good to go: elk hair caddis, neversink, green weenie (maybe a pink or two thrown in), pheasant tail, and a couple of dark soft hackles (spiders) and I am off to the races. I live by the axiom of three rules: presentation, presentation, presentation", "if it don't look like a bug, ain't no fish gonna buy it!". Have fun and get out there and enjoy, the learning curve is hard in fall and winter but the workplace is beautiful!
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