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Originally Posted by lexfly View Post
last fall I dove (in a wet suit) in the dix river tailwater to get my friends Orvis rod. Even on a warm November day (60s) it was ice cold. We couldn't see it from the surface. I think that is because I expected it to be laying flat on the bottom. In this case, it was pointed straight up in about 10 feet of water, making it very hard to see if you're looking down. Just my two cents from experience. Glad you are both OK and good luck finding it. My understanding is that if you can even retrieve part of the rod, they will replace it.
Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
hard part is finding a day when no generation. I plan to take along a telescoping rod with a hook on the end to fetch it up. There is a large pool area downstream too deep to wade; we were on the grainger side and there is a big curve down below so I'm hoping the current would have dumped it before too far. I am actually surprised we didn't find it already.

Shawn has found many rods on the clinch and they are usually easy to see if you get right on top of them.
Actually, I have found many sticking straight up as Lexfly commented. They are not easy to spot; but, I think they just stand out to me since I usually scan every aspect of the river when I am on it...looking at bugs, rocks, etc. I would expect your rod has been found by someone with a boat. Maybe someone will see your post and get it back to you....(?) I hope that is the case. If not; you are welcome to any of my rods/reels if you need me to mail you one.
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