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Originally Posted by tnflyfisher View Post

From my experience I feel that the Elk actually has a healthy population of browns in the 12" to 20" category for the size of the river however they do not show themselves all that often... I have even had my hands on fish larger than that a few times over the years but that's all I'm saying.. What I will say is that there are certainly things that help increase your chances at finding quality fish down there. Or up there in your case.. Low light!! It is a fairly shallow river overall and can be super clear at times. My best days have always been right before dark or on heavily overcast days. Another thing, don't be afraid to go big. I know there are a ton of 8" fish in there but throw streamers anyway... Also, if you only ever fish up at the dam, you are somewhat limiting yourself IMO. You really need to get out on the rest of the river if one truly wants to increase their chances of finding those bigger fish. Hopefully this will help a bit...

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