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Then I lost the best fish I have seen in months. We hiked upstream and I saw a place to jump in. Freddie said he would jump in a hundred yards or so upstream. I crawled down to the river and was above a large rock that had a perfect eddy below. I cast downstream into the hole and after second cast hooked up with an awesome brookie. I had to pull him straight up 4-5 feet to get out of the water and that was just enough time for his escape. He had a huge hook jaw and was adorned in the prettiest spawning colors. I screamed in excitement so loud Freddie even hiked back down to see what the commotion was about. The one that got away.

Freddie on the other hand landed an awesome Brookie in full spawning attire. Best fish of the day (at least that was landed)

Nice day to be out though

Freddie demonstrating his excellent bow and arrow cast. Something about the left hand that makes it even more accurate

My biggest landed fish of day. No trophy but no complaints either

More of that good form

And plenty of misses

Nice fall scenery. Check out the new broken boulder on the right side. The missing piece is lying center of pic. I'm pretty sure this is somewhat recent. From the look it looks like a percussion break like mother nature was playing the role of flint knapper with some really big trees.

We hiked back out and made it home early. Can't ever get enough of my Smokies fix
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