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Originally Posted by Dawgvet View Post
Great report as always! I noticed several fish had the beadhead Tellico in their mouth. Would you mind sharing how you were fishing it? Dry/dropper? If so, how far under the dry?
Just looking to get better at low-water fishing as Fall fishing sometimes kicks my butt.
Most days I stick with a rig, but this day I was all over the place. I started with a stimulator and a yellowhammer, then stimi and a tellico. Broke it off and went with the never sink and the Tellico as dropper after seeing some yellow sallies. Hard to say what way to fish on days like these. I had a double nymph rig the week before but when the dominant fish are still hitting dries it hard not to tie one on. I fish a dry dropper 90% of the time, although it does put me out of reach of many fish on the bottom, and most of the time the water I fish is so small that it doesn't matter all that much anyway.

And Flyman your right I saved them from starving to death, and they even were so kind to keep my kids from starving to death, on top of a great day
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