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Originally Posted by softhackle View Post
It's a whole different world once you're west of the Missouri. The scenery, the size of the trout. It's always a good idea to experience life in another part of the country.
I'm always impressed by the size of fish out here. My local creeks, however, are more like the Smokies with lots of little guys. I agree about experiencing life in another part of the country. This is a great opportunity for me living out here to experience some new country and fishing!

Top shelf as usual! Great pics and fish - the fall colors are striking. Glad to see you haven't skipped a beat... the flooding was no joke.
Thanks James! We have been fortunate to have intense recovery efforts that have opened a lot of roads back up quickly. Hope you are able to make it out this way again. Give me a holler if you do and we'll try to get out and fish again.

Those are some spectacular fish! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks Shawn!
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