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It may depend on what your wife wants to do on vacation. If she is happy in enjoying nature and game viewing Yellowstone Park would be great. If she wants to shop, see some sights and enjoys the comforts of should I say city life then you may want to consider staying in Bozeman, Mt. Cody is another good choice. Close to Yellowstone, shopping and you don't want to miss the Buffalo Bill Museum. Allow two days for the museum. Tim Wade @ Northfork Anglers has good guides who know the waters and provide some excellent fishing often avoiding some of the crowds. Then again she may wish to float with you on some of the trips. Game viewing and some great scenery are always there. Everyone seems to have their favorite and you may wish to stay a couple of days in several different locations. On our first trip out West we visited several locations. Planning the trip is half the fun and I don't think you will go wrong in any of the choices given on this board.
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