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Originally Posted by skunked again View Post
I have been experimenting with Tenkara and i think I have fallen in love. It makes it so easy to get that perfect drift in the smokies. Only issue I am running into is I can't seem to find the Tenkara flies available. They are usually a reverse hackle. I am hoping to start tying but I haven't gotten that far yet. Anyone looking to make a little cash a tie some for me?
I too began using a Tenkara rod this year in the park. I went with a 12' Iwana and have really enjoyed it. While the park was closed in October, I had to hike in a mile or so to fish and the collapsed length of the Tenkara was really handy! Caught my best fish in the park on this rod, a beautiful Brown about 15" long and the rod handled it great. It's really just a super nice Bream Buster and heavy on the "nice" part! If I get another Tenkara it will be 13 feet.

As for flies, I'm just using the typical Smokies flies (Never Sink Caddis, Stimulators, bead head nymphs, etc.) but do intend to tie up some "Tenkara style" flies in that reverse partridge hackle way I saw on YouTube. Hope this helps.
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