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Flyred06 it seems to me if you want to stay within a budget and still hire a guide I would look at staying in Livingston, Mt and booking with Long Outfitters. There is a nice Comfort Inn there with very reasonable prices. Long Outfitters seem to have the best guide rates. They mainly fish the Yellowstone but I have fished the Madison with them as well. I have not fished with them for awhile but Northfork outfitters in Cody did have some of the best prices for guided trips. I think Cody is often overlooked. On the plus side it is a nice destination and can have simply awesome fishing. On our last trip my wife and I had a 70 fish day on the Clarksfork. While I have not fished in either place it seems to me the guide trips in Idaho are a little pricey and the prices in Colorado simply blow me away. But there are always exceptions and everyone had their own opinion. With a little research I am certain your wife and you will have a great time.
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