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Default Coincidence!

John, I lived over in east Tennessee for 5.5 years in Greeneville, and never fly fished. Didn't take up this sport until about 3 years ago after I moved to Nashville (we actually live in Nolensville, TN) I really wish I had fly fished when I lived over there in East TN but didn't. We keep our 5th wheel over in the smokies and try to get over to fish the park every couple of months and see the guys at LRO. There is always some tying material I "need". My wife says I have enough tying stuff to open my own store with!

Glad you are getting into this sport. I started fly tying and fly fishing about 3 years ago and in truth would have to say I enjoy the tying as much, or more than the fly fishing. We've taken trips all over the country and I tie the flies for our little group (steelhead a few times a year in northern Ohio, salmon fishing in Michigan for a week at a time, rainbows in West Virginia at an Orvis lodge on the Elk Springs River, the South Holston 3-4 times a year, the Caney Fork, etc.) It's been the most rewarding hobby (translated "addiction") I've found and at 53 years old, it's a hobby I believe I can take on into older age. Don't know how much help I could be to you but if I can assist in some way, reach out. Harry Crabtree
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