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If you are asking about the The Holston below Cherokee Dam it generally runs high water temperatures in the fall,from early August through the end of the year. Any trout caught in these warm water times is stressed and many believe the recovery rate fro released fish to survival is very low when these water temps are in the mid sixties to perhaps in excess of seventy degrees. I have tried to rationalize fishing it in the fall but when l see the condition of the fish l am releasing l realize it is not doing next years fishery any favors, and l dont think released fish in those temps have much of a survival chance.. This year the Clinch and the Holston both hit very warm temperatures earlier than usual and have not cooled off to an acceptable fishing temperature (at least not acceptable to my own fishing ethic). my two cents. others have a different view l guess as l read on here about people fishing it now. If you were talking about the South Holston below South Holston Dam there is a lot of info in older posts on this board.

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