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Default Central Wisconsin Brook Trout

Being that I live in the Chicago area my trips to the Smokies are somewhat limited. My trout fishing is usually done in Wisconsin. My favorite type of fishing is fishing small streams for native brook trout.
One of my favorite streams is a small little creek that doesn't look like it would contain any fish.

However, if you look at the picture closely you can see on the outside bend there is a nice bank hide and the water is surprisingly deep. To wade this stream you will need chest waders as the depth can be in excess of 4' in spots. All this in a creek that when you wade up the middle you can touch both sides of the creek with your hands. The reason for the depth is because extensive habitat improvement work that was done on this creek over 50 years ago.
The creek itself has a low gradient riffles and pools are pretty much nonexistent so stealth is of the utmost importance on this creek.
A nice exception here.

and here.

This is also also a spring creek and because of that the creek is literally stuffed with small brook trout. These trout are seldom fussy but, they must be approached carefully or they will flee. What I love about this creek is that the best way to catch these brookies is with dry flies, particularly ones that sink in the film and don't ride high on top.

Sometimes they can be brightly colored.

Looks like you can see the dirty line. Unfortunately algae gets on the line. It comes off easily. It doesn't show up on the photos very well but, all fish were handled with wet hands.

Have a great day every one.
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