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Default Last fish of the week

This was the last fish of the week on Wed night. I caught this fish in 6 inches of water. I could see his fins and tail sticking out of the water in the lower tail-out section of the pool. I was on my knees about 10 feet back on the bank hoping the fish did not see me. On the 3rd drift, he took the fly. This was my only fish of the afternoon.

It was pretty cool to see this fish jump straight-up in the air when hooked. I can still picture the red-strip down its side, then it took off to the down-stream. This fish has been in the stream for a little while - had a few cuts on the underside. This was caught about 10-15+ miles from the lake.

I hope the weather is not too cold/icy during Christmas. I would like to get a few more days in the 2013 season.


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